October 1, 2022 | Smithville, MO


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They say you fall in love when you least expect it. That was never going to be me, because I've been expecting to fall in love my entire life. I was expecting to meet Kyle in college, or bump into him on the EL in Chicago while commuting to work. Maybe I would meet him during a game night with friends in Arkansas, or at a local bar in Kansas City. I did NOT expect to meet him (or anyone else) in the middle of a global pandemic, which is probably why our timing worked out the way it did. However it happened, I'm thrilled to call him my partner and grow through life together. Thank you for your love and support as we embark on the most exciting journey yet!

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Sometimes, someone comes into your life so unexpectedly, takes your heart by surprise, and changes your life forever. I've spent many years growing into who I wanted to become. All the while, I was hoping to find my person along the way. Little did I know it would take a global pandemic to pull me from my worldly travels and I would wind up back in Kansas to find Alissa. I am very lucky to call her my partner and travel through space and time together on this big blue marble.

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How we met, fell in love, and all that jazz.


Kyle's profile said he was attracted to a great smile. Alissa said she was looking for a man who always treated the waitstaff well and was able to laugh at himself. Their first few conversations covered the big stuff (How do you feel about marriage? Religion? Politics? Kids?) and the small stuff (Kyle wanted to know everything about Alissa down to the make and model of her first car). He was excited and came on strong; she was nervous and gun shy. But after being patient with each other, they finally made plans to meet up.


Their first date was scheduled for August 27th at 7:00pm at Tavern in the Village. Around 5:30, Alissa went to pick up her puppy from doggy-daycare (right next to the Tavern!) so she texted Kyle that she was at the restaurant, not thinking anything of it, and went home to get ready. Meanwhile, Kyle assumed she was waiting at the restaurant early, so he rushed over to meet her and ended up sitting by himself for over an hour. When she finally arrived (on time!), they joked about the whole thing and had such a good time that they made plans to see each other again that same weekend.


Kyle and Alissa's relationship grew as the world was closed due to the pandemic. Their dates mainly consisted of long conversations in the living room, cooking dinner with each other, and picnics in the park. With no distractions, deep conversations about separate pasts and shared futures became the norm. Other frequent aspects of their relationship included: Takeout poké bowls, watching every season of Taskmaster on YouTube, Alissa trying to organize Kyle's house, and Kyle performing small repairs on every part of Alissa's apartment/car.


The wedding photographer (who was booked before the engagement because Alissa is a Type-A planner) reached out to the couple and asked if they would be willing to model for her as she tested out some new camera equipment and worked on a photography mentor assignment - Yes! On April 17th, they dressed up and went to Shawnee Mission Park for their photo session, along with several high-schoolers who were taking prom pictures (this was not part of Kyle's plan). After an hour of picture taking and waiting for the prom couples to clear out, they were alone in the park. Alissa turned around and Kyle was on one knee with the ring. She said yes! Kyle then drove them to dinner and surprised Alissa with both of their families and her best friend, Meghan. He covered the room in white roses and even worked with the bartenders to make 'His & Hers' signature cocktails for the night. It was, thus far, the happiest night of their lives!

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OCT 1, 2022



We can't wait to celebrate our beginning with you in Smithville, MO at White Iron Ridge.

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We are excited to have you join us and have secured special group rates for your stay. Please use this link to book your stay at the Kansas City Marriott, which will also provide free transportation to and from our venue.


There are several complimentary shuttles to bring you to the festivities and back to the hotel. It is approximately 23 minutes from the hotel to the venue so please plan accordingly!

  • 4:10 P.M.  4:15 P.M.  4:20 P.M.

  • 9:45 P.M.  11:10 P.M. (3 shuttles)
White Iron Ridge

We are excited to have you join us at White Iron Ridge in Smithville, MO. The ceremony begins at 5:00 PM, followed by a cocktail hour and reception.

  • 4:20 P.M. — Last shuttle to venue
  • 5:00 P.M. — Ceremony
  • 5:30 P.M. — Cocktails
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Your thoughtfulness is enough of a gift for us. If you would like to make a contribution to an experience or a gift as we start our new life together, see below for our registry.

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Please make sure to RSVP no later than August 15th, 2022 to ensure we have a seat and a meal for you and your party.
Our ceremony and reception take place on Saturday evening through the night, but please enjoy the area for as long as you're able. Whether you arrive early or stay an extra day or two, there is lots to do around Kansas City and we hope you enjoy yourselves and make a weekend of it!
We are excited to dress up and celebrate with you! Our wedding dress code is formal, please consider cocktail or floor length dresses, formal pantsuits, or a dark suit or tuxedo. We kindly request no jeans.
The hotel will have a pool, so bring a swimsuit if that strikes your fancy. There is lots to explore around the Kansas City area, comfortable shoes would also ensure your ability to explore in comfort.
While we can't predict the future, Kansas City averages a high of 74°F and a low of 55°F along with 26% chance of percipitation on the 1st of October. A light jacket and/or rain gear may be useful during your stay.
Weather permitting, our ceremony and cocktail hour will be outdoors while our reception will be indoors.
Yes, please use this link to book your stay at the Kansas City Marriott, which will also provide free transportation to and from our venue.
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Yes, parking is available. For those staying at the Marriott, there will also be a free shuttle service if you book using this link.
We will be providing light passed h'or devours during cocktail hour, followed by a plated salad and dinner, and a self-serve dessert.
We will accommodate full vegetarian meals. If you have any allergy/dietary concerns, please feel free to let us know on your RSVP so we can explore options for you!
Yes, we will have a full open bar available along with an assortment of non-alcoholic beverages.
We are asking everyone to not take photos during the ceremony. Please keep your phones and cameras in your pockets or bags. We will have professional photographers and videographers capturing the ceremony and we will share the results!
We will be using the hashtag #kylealissa for all of your Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook.


Please let us know if you will be celebrating with us by August 15th, 2022.